December 2, 2022

Over 100,000 euros for water technology research in the grant call in 2022

A total of 108,000 euros was awarded to five researchers in the joint grant call for water technology research, hosted by the KAUTE Foundation's Niilo V. and Lauri N. Santasalo fund and the Erkki Paasikivi Foundation in 2022.

35 grant applications were submitted in the grant call in 2022, seeking a total of 706,000 euros in funding. This year, four year-long working grants and one six-month grant were awarded.

The 12-month working grants were awarded to the following persons:

  • Parminder Kaur, Aalto-yliopisto: Drinking water remediation onto redox heterogenous photo-electrocatalysis using perovskites-Fe3O4 impregnated carbon dot electrodes
  • Burcu Sayinli, University of Jyväskylä: Ferrate Based Technology for Water Purification and Drinking Water Supply
  • Sallamaari Siponen, University of Eastern Finland: Microbiological quality management of network water
  • Aino Pelto-Huikko, University of Tampere / Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, research group WANDER: Interaction between household water and materials

In addition, Markus Koppanen at the University of Tampere was awarded further funding for 6 months for his research work related to the utilization of online measurements of water quality to ensure safe drinking water.

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